Ms. Bela Bhavsar - I am very happy with your service and the kit was very helpful.... glad to be part of being Juliet

Ms. Shreya Lall - BeingJuliet is the best gift I have bought myself, I love the idea! Truly amazing! - Ms. Kalpana Sharma Social Activist I am very happy with your service and the kit was very helpful.... glad to be part of being Juliet. - Ms. Bela Bhavsar Just got a message regarding birth date. I think you guys are doing superb pampering!! Great job : My birthdays on 1 January. Looking forward :

Ms. Sakshi - Again thanks for my second box and such a lovely dupatta. Its always such a happy feeling when I receive my box. Its like a surprise!! look what all came this time.I totally recommend you to all my colleagues and friends.. Afterall this time of the month is the time to pamper ourselves.. Well, I want to write a lot, but I guess am PMSing..u understand the feelings, right!! My birthday is on 27th December and I look forward to my next box with some more gifts. All the best to your team and thanks a lott!!!!

Richa S. Happy to be a Juliet! - I love the entire concept of, Being Juliet - the gesture of thinking of pampering us during those days is sensitive enough & kinda emotionally overwhelming! Coming to what youd asked - well all the 3 categories viz. Skin Care, Cosmetics, & Accessories, are good, however, itd be nice if you could give your Juliets some range of choice in terms of brand, when it comes to Skin Care & Cosmetics else Accessories would be the better option as theres no brand requirement there.

Ms. Gursimran, Juliet from Punjab - Hi guys!! This is basically a thank you mail! The last 3 months gave me totally stress free periods! No running around, no awkward last minute trips to the drug store, no searching high and low for that one pad to get you through the night! And better yet, with every box I recieved I even got some thoughtful gifts, the tea, candy and cosmetics loved it all! I will definitely be renewing my subscription and telling friends about your awesome service!! Thanks again guys! And keep up the good work!!

Ms. Sakshi Aggarwal, Juliet from Delhi - First of all... Thank you!! For taking care of me.. And am not just saying me.. I mean ME.. all the girls out there. Making us feel special in our tough days. I received my first box 4 days back.. and it felt sooo good just to open that.. Again all the gifts that you had put in there, the surprise factor is just the best.. such a pretty scarf.. Love the concept!!! And wish you all the luck guys. PS: I would recommend cosmetics.

Sidra Abbas - Thanks for the amazing products! You guys know how to uplift my mood! Love youuuuu!

Manisha Gharse - Hello to the wonderful people at Being Juliet... I absolutely loved this months box... Cant tell which item is my favourite.. At least as of now... Excited to use the soap and the lip balm... This box is the only interesting thing about periods.. Keep up the good work..

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