Why Use Being Juliet?

Being Juliet was conceptualized to pamper females during days which are more often than not, traumatic and troublesome – Periods/Menstrual Cycle. Working as ROMEOS for our JULIETS in distress, we wish to rescue them for at least one trouble during periods – worrying about running to pharmacy stores to buy Sanitary Pads at the nth hour.

What is being Juliet all about? Whats Special?

Tired of monthly, last minute visit to chemist for Whisper/Stayfree other sanitary pads? Tired of asking your husband/father/domestic help to get the same for you? Being Juliet is here, we will deliver your monthly supply of Pads, 5 days prior to your monthly period cycle.To Lift your mood we will also add some special gifts to your package.

How does it work?

Being Juliet is a Subscription based website for females where you can register for supply of monthly pads/panty liners/tampons. During registration you share your Last Menstrual/Period Date and we calculate your next date automatically. Depending on your monthly flow (heavy/Medium/Slow), you can select upto 20 Pads/Tampons/Panty Liners (Flexibility to select size/variety is offered).

Role of the site is to deliver the required number of supplies each month to our subscribers 5 days before their periods/cycle to avoid their last minute visit to pharmacy, along with little goodies.

Is it possible to skip a month?


Is it possible to change the delivery address?



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