About Us

'Being Juliet’ is the brainchild of team First Step Digital Pvt Ltd

Birth of ‘Being Juliet’

‘’Necessity is the mother of Invention’’; ‘Being Juliet’ owes its existence to this proverb.

We noticed that irrespective of number of trips a female usually makes to market/malls/grocery store, for periods shopping, every second month she has to send someone or go herself at the last hour specially & ONLY to buy pads. Many times, in such last minute frantic sourcing, she doesn't even get her preferred brand or pack!

As it is a lot is drained (mood swings aside!) and then the turmoil of making the trip can get too much and this is when one fine day, ‘Being Juliet’ (your personal ROMEO) was conceptualized to save and pamper JULIETs so that they could focus on more important things :)

Today, ‘Being Juliet’ is for all females, who want to pamper themselves during those 5 days, Team ‘Being Juliet’ will send you your monthly supplies 5 days prior to your cycle to ensure you don’t have to look for last minute trips. No chose Freedom from Period Shopping by selecting 3 Month, 6 month or 1 year subscriptions, What’s more! Your pack also carries small thoughtful gifts/surprises each month.

Happy Periods!



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