Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes 50 Wipes – 5 Pack

Rs. 375.00

INWI Intimate Wet Wipes by SIRONA are refreshing Wet Wipes for your Intimate Areas. One of a kind, they are Hypoallergenic and ideal for intimate areas including Under Arms, Breast & Bikini Area & contains fruit extracts to leave you refreshed and moisturized. For Intimate Areas, please use each wipe only once in a Front to Back Stroke



  • Ideal for intimate areas including underarms, breast & bikini area
  • Leaves you refreshed
  • Easy to carry, Use on the go


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The INWI Wet wipes for intimate areas,is a pH balanced product. The power of hydrogen is balanced so as to keep the intimate parts enough moisturized and hydrated. The wipes are wet in a good extent, this makes it ideal to give gentle cleansing.

INWI wet wipes has fruits extract in it which makes it very light and fresh smelling. It helps to keep away the bad odor from the intimate parts. Plus fruit extract keep the intimate skin healthy and juvenile.


The INWI wipes are ideal to be used at any point of time. It has no alcohol used in it which makes its use healthy and delightful. It is tender and kind on the intimate skin.


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  • Aqua, Glycerine-0.50%, Surfactants-0.15%, Sodium Benzoate- 0.20%, EDTA-0.20%, Citric Acid- qs, Fruit Extract- qs, Aloe Vera Extracts- qs.


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