Do You Pit Out?

People who sweat a lot are bothered by ugly marks left by sweat stains on their clothes, especially around their underarms. It’s all the more embarrassing if you are working or in an important meeting and being scrutinised at every move you make. It is not a helpless situation. If you take personal care then the issue can be tackled to a large extent. You can actually prevent yourself from pitting out and spoiling your pricey clothes if you use armpit pads to absorb the sweat as antiperspirants do not suffice to keep you dry all through the day.

What are armpit pads?
Underarm sweat pads are sort of padded fabric liners that absorb the sweat secreted in the underarms region and help to keep your garments clean/stain free and dry. They are available in two different varieties- permanently hooked to the garment and the detachable ones that can be used by using straps/fasteners worn on the shoulders or stuck with fabric friendly glue. Wearing these sweat pads under the arms soak up the sweat and also minimize or check bad odour. Sweat pads are very helpful for non cotton garments as polyester garments do not absorb sweat in fact make you feel warmer and sweat more. In case you are not using disposable sweat pads then make sure you wash the reusable pads regularly after each use, keep spare ones for frequent changing and make sure they should be absolutely dry before use.


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