How To Prepare Skin Cleanser, Healthy Cocktail and Wholesome Veggie Detox

1. Skin Cleanser –
This exceptional skin tonic is a wonderful way to attain a clear and flawless skin.
If watercress is out of stock then use parsley as an alternative.

2 carrots, washed and peeled
1 red tomato washed well
1/2 cup watercress
7-8 Mint leaves
Ginger ½ an inch piece
1 cucumber washed and peeled
1 stalk of broccoli, washed and hard bottom stock removed
Cut and place all the vegetables in a blender, bunch up the watercress and then juice them all.
Serves 1 full glass

2. Healthy Cocktail

Ingredients/Method of preparation:

1/2inch ginger – washed and peeled – cut roughly in to small pieces
½ cup of blackberries – hulled
½ cup of blueberries
Pinch of blacksalt
½ cup gooseberry juice
1 tsp Aloevera juice
1 cup of red grapes – split and deseeded
1 peeled carrot
½ tsp lemon juice

Place and push blueberries through the hopper, followed by other ingredients
Add the lemon juice last of all – Stir well and serve – enjoy!
Makes 2 medium glasses.
3. Wholesome Veggie detox

Ingredients/Method of preparation:

Besides its anti ageing properties, this juice can yield great results…
If kale is unavailable, in that case use parsley or collard greens as an alternative.
1 cup Kale, washed
1 cup spinach, washed
2 carrots, washed, lightly skinned and top removed
1 cucumber washed and peeled
1 tomato washed
½ cup Pineapple juice

Bunch up the kale and spinach.
Slice the carrots, cucumber and tomato in to hopper sized pieces.
Juice well. Add pineapple juice.
Makes two large glasses –Enjoy !

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