Menstruation cycle & our Moods

So one day all females at our office decided to sit down and discuss if we all go through the following moods through our cycle -:

Phase 1 (While we are on our period) : A sudden and compulsive urge to clean up.
Clean our rooms , clean our desks and our wardrobe !
We all agreed we do ….do you? Please let us know

Phase 2 (Just after our Periods) : High on energy and full of creative juices .
This is apparently the perfect time to kick off new projects. Most of us do…do you?

Phase 3 (Ovulation) : Guess what? As per science we look and feel most attractive during this phase of our cycle. Wow! Who knew this?
We disagree here as women we feel attractive all the time, 24 x 7 even in our PJS !

Phase 4 (PMS) : Yes , yes PMS is real and had a logical explanation. This is the phase when our body is running low on essential hormones like Estrogen & Progesterone. So next time you feel an urge to cry , cranky or frustrated don’t blame yourself or anyone else blame it on your cycle !
Share with us if you have similar feelings through the cycle and of course let us know if we can do anything to make you feel better !

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