Periods in Monsoon

We all love rains… & so do germs !
Periods in monsoons is certainly unwelcome
Have a look at these hygiene tips to make your periods clean and safe :

  • Keep separate Panties for your periods
  • Use warm water to clean the stains
  • Use clothes disinfectant to soak your clothes during monsoon.
  • Change your beds heets every 2-3 days
  • Always keep a spare pair of Panties in your bag for emergency.
  • Use intimate wash instead of soap to avoid infection and wet feel in your intimate areas
  • Sanitize your hands properly before and after changing pads.
  • Dispose your used sanitary in a disposal bag.
  • If you get wet in rain, make sure you take a bath properly.
  • Avoid eating out in monsoon
  • Change your pads regularly.
  • Eat freshly cooked hot food and avoid refrigerated food for long time.

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