A mother on her daughter’s first period….

A daughter’s first period is a concern for every mother.

It is a mixed feeling of anxiety and joy as it’s a sign that her doll is growing up. This is the time when she needs a lot of care and support to handle the situation because her body is undergoing a lot of physical & hormonal changes. Hormonal changes cause a lot of mood swings & mental anxiety as well.

So here we are with a few tips on how to handle her first period: –

  • Be friendly with your daughter so that she can totally confide in you.
  • Do not feel shy or get irritated when she ask something very personal
  • Give her the confidence to express herself freely
  • Go for walks with her where you can talk to her about the events of her day
  • Make it a point to get to know all her friends and the people she spends her free time with
  • Get her informative magazines that explain menstruation
  • Talk to her and let her know the importance of Period Hygenie
  • Give her a diet full of proteins, vitamins and other stuff good for her health.
  • Tell her about the changes which she will be going through, Sometimes children get scared of what is happening to their body. So, let her know it’s normal
  • Guide her on how to use pads and other sanitary stuff and how to dispose it off.
  • Gift her a kit consisting of sanitary supply and few other gifts to make her feel special
  • She should consider periods time as boon to enjoy her womanhood.

Let’s make our daughter’s feel special this mother’s day and gift her a subscription from Beingjuliet.com so that she can enjoy to the fullest. After all she is an apple of your eyes…

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