Periods during travel

How many of us make a checklist before we go travelling. Ofcourse, everyone does….hmmm…Let’s check then –

Make up – yes
Toiletaries – Yes
Pads – Oooops!

Take some time out to check the last minute arriving guest without any information…You guessed it right…PERIODS. Below are some useful tips to make your travel experience a memorable one “ with your period” .

Travelling with periods can’t be easy, but a little preparation will make it carefree. Travel with the flow.

  • Take few pads and liners in your bag for changes at stopovers.
  • Most importantly take a disposable pouch to dispose off your supplies into the bin. These essentials should be in your hand bag all the time whenever and wherever you need.
  • One should avoid the pills. However, you can keep any pain reliever in case of emergency ( after being advised by doctor only). These pills can be carried in a nice medicine box.
  • Keep intimate wet wipes with you which will be helpful while changing in washrooms.
  • You can keep healthy snacks in a small, nice, airtight container but avoid junk foods as they can worsen PMS symptoms to make you feel more bloated.
  • Always keep a bottle of Water to keep yourself hydrated while traveling. It helps to ease PMS.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Layered dresses will help you adjust your comfort level while travelling.
  • For long distance travelling, always wear extra absorbent, overnight maxi pads which can help you to avoid wash room frequently.
  • Always remember to change your pad frequently as and when required.
  • Always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag

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