Tips for preparing your daughter for her first Period:

Start talking to your daughter about puberty from early age: Let her know about changes that will take place in her body as she grows and hits puberty.

Discuss in detail about the physiological changes as your daughter grows older: in other words you can be more explicit in telling her about puberty changes in the female anatomy, periods, sex education, pregnancy, etc as she would be more curious and it is just about right time to let her know.

Understand your daughter’s apprehensions: For sure your daughter would be inquisitive and anxious to know things in detail, answer her doubts with clear explanations and make sure she does not have questions her mind unanswered. Be patient with her even if she has a lot of queries around the subject.


Rectify her misconceptions: Do not assume things and load up your daughter’s mind with unnecessary information. Ask her if she has any questions or if she knows anything about it or has heard from her classmates and friends. Fill the gaps and tell her what she needs to know as per her age and maturity level. Don’t forget to rectify her misconceptions with appropriate information.

Educate your daughter about the female hygiene products and their usage: Tell her about sanitary napkins, panty liners, tampons etc. This will prepare her for the first period, also it might help her if you are not around.

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