Tips to cope up with period stains:

Periods are not only painful for some women but also make them over anxious about leaks and staining of their clothes. Staining usually happens when we are fast asleep and our mind is not alert about preventing a leak through the hygiene product being used onto our clothes or bedsheets. However, it is pretty avoidable if proper care is taken. Some measures to be taken to avoid leaks and stains:

Use leak proof panties: act as a barrier for the leak as they do not let the blood seep (leak proof fabric of the panty) through the clothes and cause a stain.

Maintain a calendar: mark the date of your period start date for each month; in fact it is also good to mark your end date on the calendar to keep a track of your start and end date. This will help you to be well prepared before your date approaches and keep the period supplies in advance. Accordingly you can wear a panty liner in the night before your due date or a light absorbency pad to avoid stains if you are caught unawares by you period.

Use a tampon along with a pad: Even if the leak is minimal, it can be trapped in a pad to avoid any further leak.

Wearing 2 pairs of panties: is one of the best ways to avoid a leak. Because at times even after using superabsorbent, large and thick pads leaks happen because of the dislocation of the pads from their place. Double layers of panties secure the pads firmly to the body for hours especially in sleep when frequent body movements shift the pad from its place, thus causing a leak.

Using a leak proof sheet to prevent your mattress from being soiled: It’s easy to wash clothes but almost impossible to wash your mattress if soiled with blood. Blood usually seeps through the sheet into the mattress and can therefore be nuisance. The leak proof sheets are very helpful and very easy to clean.

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