Learn to pin down your unexpected Period!

Premenstrual symptoms vary from one woman to the other and could affect her physically or emotionally. Even if your periods have not been regular and you are worried about being caught unawares, then just make a note of your PMS symptoms and watch out for any signs. It is pretty easy to track them even if they tend to come unexpected. Here are a few body and mind alerts/noticeable changes to keep you prepared in advance:

Physical changes: A range of warning signs could surface a week or little more before a period, majority of women experience it during their reproductive phase of life. Early premenstrual signs of an approaching period may be somewhat constructive in terms of self preparation, with signs ranging from mood swings, food cravings, pimples, low energy levels, breast tenderness, anxiety, to apparent abdominal aches, cramps or tummy bloating etc. However, at times, these symptoms could be of a severe nature and quite unpleasant like severe headaches and very painful cramps. The occurrence of painful cramps signifies almost immediate bleeding. Symptoms usually subside after the second or third day of the periods. Hot baths, intake of herbal teas, light exercise, swimming, and application of a heat pad on your tummy give a lot of relief in case of abdominal pain and severe cramps.

Behavioural Changes: The fluctuating levels of hormones during the period cycle could also impact you emotionally and cause changes in your behaviour. Some women complain about being moody, anxious, irritable and even depressed. So you could actually use these signs as reminders about your imminent period. In order to avoid getting bogged down by your PMS, Its best to keep oneself engaged during those days- go for walks, get a massage, try cycling, swimming and eat well.


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