Is douching helpful or harmful?

The word douche in French means washing. It is a process of washing out the vagina, generally with diluted vinegar in contrast to chemical douches which are antibacterial and perfumed.

Douching actually disturbs the PH balance in the vaginal area, in other words kills the good bacteria that protect the region from the bad ones thus causing infections. Some women who indulge in douching claim douching makes them feel more hygienic, clean smelling, fresh and stress free. By and large, the hazards of douching considerably overshadow the benefits. Medical experts strongly recommend not to indulge in the practice of douching for many health reasons.

Reasons to avoids douching:

Bacterial infections: Disturbs the normal balance of bacteria in the vaginal area. The disturbance makes the setting more encouraging for the bacterial growth thus causing infection. Bacterial vaginosis can be reduced by avoiding douching. Pregnant women who have been into douching are at a higher risk of preterm delivery.
Cervical cancer: Frequent Douching has been correlated with higher probability of developing cervical cancer.

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